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NuGet Packages

  • Rollcall (aka Rollcall.Extensions.Microsoft.DependencyInjection)
    Rollcall provides support for named service registration through the use of extension methods on the IServiceCollection interface, and retrieval of registered service by name using a factory.

    For more information and benchmarks on the various ways to register multiple implementations of the same interface, see this blog post.

  • AlwaysDeveloping.EntityFrameworkCore.DynamicContext
    Provides support for executing raw SQL queries against a Entity Framework Core DbContext without a DbSet for the entity. It also provides support to return a result set of single types (int, bool, Guid, string etc).

    For more information and benchmarks on the various ways to execute the various data retrieval, see this blog post.

  • SourceGeneratorToolkit
    Provides functionality to easily generate c# code/files using a fluent builder pattern either in conjunction with the .NET Roslyn Source Generator process, or outside of the Roslyn Source Generator process.

    For more information and various ways to 'leverage code qualfication and generation` provided by the Source Generator Toolkit, see this blog post.